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The Missouri State Pedal Pull is a non-profit. 

Your only official Missouri Pedal Tractor Pull website.

To be sanctioned in Missouri the pulls must be listed on the schedule.

Special Thank you to everyone involved with Pedal Pulling in Missouri. The Myers family is very proud of the growth of pullers and pulling in Missouri. We celebrate 14 years of pulling in Missouri, 12 years of Hosting the State Pull and acting as Chairman, and 9 years of serving as a member of the National Board of Directors.
Ken, Willo, Kendra, and Kayla Myers


Welcome to the website dedicated to the

Pedal Pulling Children of Missouri.

2017 National Results - Here 

New Sanctioned Pullers coming soon to areas of Missouri - check the pullers page often.
We need fresh contact information for any pullers that intend to be sanctioned this year. Please make contact at your earlier opportunity. We will need your schedules also as soon as you know. 
Missouri State Pedal Pull

Glance at the Rules page to answer some questions you may have.

Important notes
Please Understand there is no State Fair Pedal Pull. There is the Missouri State Championships that you must qualify for. If your youngster qualified at a local pull you should have a form/voucher as their ticket for the State Championships. If you have not done that try to catch a local sanctioned pull or come early for the Missouri Resident only Non-Qualifier, and try to qualify for the Championship at 12 noon.


As we all are aware, there are concerns in our world. This event is at the individual risk to all involved. We will follow the State Fair guidelines.

Please understand we are in a large hall and it can not be moved. At this point masking is optional. We will be closed in with a large number of children that will range from 4 year olds to 13 year olds. Obviously most can not be vaccinated, because of age. For the sake of everyone we will continue on course. Please watch this our facebook page for any changes. Remember you must qualify for the Championships. We understand if it seems to dangerous and encourage all parents to follow their best instincts.

Once Again Participation is at the risk of the participants and guardians. We all pray for a successful and healthy gathering.

MISSOURI State Championships God willing for 2021

It is time for the State of Missouri Championships. As all sites say: the non qualifier starts at 10am and the actual championships are at 12pm (noon). Sign up is prior to each, the non qualifier is for Missouri residents only, no awards - just a spot in the Championships. The sign up for State is broken up into groups and times. Running order is: 4s and 13s; then 5s and 12s; 6s and 11s; 7s and 10s; 8s and 9s. So let those going first get in and then work back in for others. State sign up will start at 11am.
 Pedal PullSunday, Aug 22, 2021
State Fair "Last Chance", Sponsored by State Fair
Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall
Ages 4-13, 13 one year only
?Last Chance? Pull for Missouri Resident children who have not qualified before at local pulls throughout the state.
9:30 a.m. Registration
10 a.m. Start Time

One year special allowance allowing a 13 year old division to make up for 2020. You must not turn 14 before September 26th, 2021 in order to Pedal at Missouri State.

State Championships: Sponsored By Pullers of Missouri and Myers Family

Bring some proof of age, Birth Certificate required at National. At State we can take a School document showing birth date/age.


11 a.m. Registration  4-6 at 11, 7-9 at 11:20 & 10-12 at 11:40
12 p.m. (noon) Start Time
Top three finishers in each age group (both boys and girls) will qualify for the National Pedal Pull on Sept 25, 2021 in Mitchell, SD.

Pedal Pull competition


Missouri's State Championships



Special one year wavier allowing 13 year olds to go to Nationals



The 2021 National Pedal Pull

Is September 25th

will be at the Corn Palace

601 N. Main, Mitchell SD 57301

Two Sessions are held:

4-7 year olds register 8:30-10:00 AM - pull at 10:00 AM

8-12 year olds register 11:00 to 12:30 PM - pull at 12:30 PM 

To qualify you must finish in the top four of a Sanctioned State Pull.

The Quality Inn (605-996-1333) is the first know motel for National.
You must place in the top three boys or girls in your age group at a local pedal pull that is sanctioned to qualify kids. they are run by the pullers listed on this website. If you finish in one of those spots in your age division you must fill out a state voucher at the sign up table that day in order to have the actual qualifying take place. The slip the puller gives you is the child's ticket to pull at state. If you want more chances to qualify you need to encourage more pulls in your area. The State Fair is a local pedal pull qualifying to the State Pull. Special note for 13's if you turn 14 on or before 9/26/2021 you are not eligible to qualify for state, since you could not go to Nationals. You pedal the age you are the day of the pull that you are at. This happens at each level of competition.

Please understand the 13/14 rule is because National will not allow passing down Qualification for National. Our top three placers are the state's qualifiers for National.


Please take a few moments to thank our sponsors as they make it all possible.


 Say you want to become a sanctioned puller in Missouri.

Check out the Sanctioned pullers list page and send Ken Myers an email for more information.

This is the Contact email for information on Missouri Pedal Pulling



Ken Myers is proud to represent Missouri

on the 6 member, Board of Directors for the National. 



Office                                Name and Town                                                   State Chairman of

President.........Bill VanDeCreek, Abileen, KS....Kansas

Vice President...John Vossler, Plymouth, NE......Nebraska

Sec.-Treas........Chad Stevicks, Burke, SD.........South Dakota

Director...........Dave Harner, Swea City, IA.......Iowa

Director...........Ken Myers, Sidney IA.............Missouri

Director...........Terry Sperr, Glyndon, MN.........North Dakota 


We have a facebook page click here to visit & become a fan. 

(c) 2011 Missouri State Pedal Pull

Our Mission:

To bring professional quality, consistency, and value to every corner of Missouri. To make sure every child and family gets good wholesome family entertainment with good Sportsmanship. to help the Pedal Pullers of Missouri get stronger with more chances to serve the State of Missouri and beyond.

Our leadership goal is to add 50-100 children each year to the State Pull list over the next 2-3 years, bringing in thousands of fans to view the State Pedal Pull.

Ken Myers (left) and John Vossler (right)(both Missouri Association members) represent Missouri running the Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls equipment on one end of the National Pedal Pull Sept. 26, 2009 in the Corn Palace, Mitchell SD. "That was the smoothest run National Pedal Pull anyone could remember." Thanks to all the great help - the whole Myers team was working. Ron Baumgartner of South Dakota (center) completed the working crew. An added note Ron will be a host for 2010.



Proud members of the one true National Pedal Pull Association

We are proud to have been fully endorsed by the

 Board of Directors of the

National Pedal Pullers Association

at their post pull meeting 9/27/09.


Heads up Corporations some of you are seeing the value of sponsoring children's events in the Great State of Missouri.

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 Missouri State Pedal Tractor Pull Fans and Visitors

Website Created May 18th, 2009

For the Children of Missouri and the Midwest 

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